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Mini Implants for Dentures

Mini Implants are an ideal solution for denture patients who have loose or poorly fitting dentures.  This implant system is a non-traumatic, simple and cost effective procedure for patients who are looking to stabilize their dentures.  Most patients feel like they do not have a denture anymore as their chewing forces increase dramatically.  The usual rocking, sliding or bouncing of your dentures will no longer occur in your mouth.  This simple procedure comes with a new hard reline when the fixtures and abutments are placed under your existing denture.  Say goodbye to soft foods and get ready to eat normal again.  This procedure which takes a little more than an hour is truly revolutionary.  Contact our dental office for more information on mini dental implants.  Contact our dental office to find out more about this non-invasive, quick, and affordable way to stabilize your dentures.